Community of Practice (CoP)

The eLene4Life Community of Practice brings together a diverse group of university and corporate representatives around the topic of Learning Innovation for Soft Skills.

Who is the eLene4Life CoP for?

HE teachers, students, alumni, HE leaders, trainers, HR managers, NGOs… and anyone interested in soft skills development.

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What are the Aims of the CoP?
  • To develop a shared knowledge base of resources: experience, tools, narratives, problem solving approaches;
  • To develop a shared understanding of the best practices within specific learning contexts;
  • To produce a set of recommendations for improving teaching and learning for the development of soft skills. 
  • To contribute to breaking down barriers between the university and corporate sectors. 
What does it involve?

Sharing experience, identifying needs and constraints, discussing new methodologies or activities, and evaluating the results of the activities performed, via:

  1. an online community for discussion and exchange of practice;
  2. National Working Groups and face to face networking opportunities in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. Participants will collaborate to produce drawings, slideshows or videos summarising the main issues emerging from the discussions.
What’s in it for me?

HE teachers: 

  • learn about the most innovative training practices around soft skills development from other teachers and from professional trainers;
  • get practical advice on how to introduce soft skills development in your own courses;
  • learn about the soft skills your students will need in the workplace;
  • discover new ways to assess soft skills;
  • learn how to mobilise the resources students already have (experiences, soft skills, etc.)

Professional trainers / HR managers:

  • learn how students are developing soft skills as part of their studies at university;
  • learn about the most effective active learning teaching methods employed by other teachers and trainers;
  • discover new digital tools and methodologies to train employees;
  • give visibility to your business through an EU-wide network of academics and professionals. 

How can I get involved?

Online community

The eLene4Life Community of Practice is active across a variety of social media. You can contribute to the conversation, share your experience and be inspired by others through:

Our Project Objective

eLene4Life supports curriculum innovation in higher education (HE) through the development of active learning approaches for transversal skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.


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