Classroom Response System

Classroom Response System

Classroom Response System

Short Description

Open question by definition Classroom response systems, also called electronic student response systems, clickers, personal response systems, student response systems, or audience response systems are interactive remote answering devices that offer instructors a means to gain some simple real-time feedback from the audience. (Source: Edutech Wiki – Classroom response system)

Case Study



  • Socrative
  • Kahoot
  • Google Form
  • Clickers
  • Mentimeter


This kind of tool can be effectively used in educational contexts for many purposes:

  • as self assessment moment for students proposing questions to verify the acquired knowledge. Teacher can decide to add, at the end, a moment of clarification done by the teacher or among peers.
  • as a moment to recall and to assess students’ understanding of important concepts
  • as immediate feedback on specific questions/problems
  • as recall questions. At the beginning of the lecture a teacher launches a poll to assess if students attended a previous lecture (useful for flipped classroom)
  • as activation moment proposing contradictory questions to stimulate discussions; a poll to collect opinions;
  • as self reflection about new topics: this process supports recall of previous, and often, implicit knowledge.


It can be used for summative assessment or for formative assessment to stimulate reflection or critical thinking. This second option is the most interesting in terms of learning and soft skills development.

Quizzes can be performed by students by themselves or during class: the tool automatically grades the performance. The teacher can also prepare feedback (that is shown automatically by the tool) or discuss results in class together with students.

For instance in one of the cases analyzed the teacher gives students a question about a physics problem to be attempted individually. Then the teacher asks students to discuss among peers about their answers to the question in group of 2 or 3. After few minutes he stops the discussion and he asks students to answer again individually

At the end the teacher shows the right answer. This use of classroom response system has been undertaken in a large classroom (more than 200 students) to stimulate engagement, self reflection and discussion among peers.


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