On June 21, 2021, Till Rümenapp (media didacticist at ZMML) offered a mini barcamp session for the e-teaching.org special topic event “Mini-Barcamp: Digital learning content, tools and tips for self-study – what does the community use?”.

During the barcamp session, the Dynamic Toolkit was presented. The main focus of the project was on Active Learning and the resulting initiation of soft skills. Participants were interested in the Dynamic Toolkit and confirmed the importance of Active Learning in education and training.

As a concrete example from higher education, peer reviews were presented as an activating teaching-learning method and discussed afterwards. Participants described needs of students for expert feedback as a supplement to peer feedback. As a solution for this, the preparation of a general dynamic feedback by teachers as well as the supplementary synchronous discussion of contents was suggested. Furthermore, it was discussed whether the presented peer review method can be transferred to other disciplines without any adaptations.

e-teaching.org provides the moderation and the final discussion in the plenum (in german) as a video recording and will publish the used collaborative Whiteboard slide.