Takeaways from eLene4Life

Using active learning for effective
soft skill training to empower employability


Soft skills are critical competencies for students to successfully enter the workforce. They are not only the skills most desired by companies, but also essential life skills and should therefore be an integrated component of higher education.

The EU project eLene4Life (Erasmus+) investigated the use of active learning methods in universities and companies for the development and strengthening of soft skills. As part of this process the project partners built a collection of methods in the Dynamic Toolkit and tested them in pilot projects in five partner countries. Despite the initial increased effort required in integrating and applying active learning methods, the results of the project indicate both strong interest and potential in this approach.

Through the outcomes and artefacts developed, the eLene4Life project identified 10 takeaways for active learning and soft skill development for higher education and the corporate sector. These takeaways are useful resources for organisations implementing this approach.

10 Takeaways

#1 Checklist to identify how to implement Active Learning in Higher Education courses

[Education] In the overall project, a great deal of experience was gained in implementing active learning. Benefit from a checklist that will help you to identify active learning. Checklist for fast implementation of Active Learning

#2 Evaluation report for the MOOC on Active Learning for Soft Skills development

[Education] Read the evaluation results of the discussion-based MOOC designed to encourage the sharing of active learning experiences conducted by teachers. Active Learning for Soft Skills Development – Evaluation results

#3 Good practice examples of Active Learning and Soft Skills for Higher Education

[Education] A list of good practice examples using the Dynamic Toolkit, illustrated with Playcards that give teachers and trainers a good orientation in the use of active learning for soft skill training in higher education. Good Practice Examples

#4 Lessons Learned Kit: Soft Skills: Synergies between higher education and the corporate sector

[Education, Employment] Transferability between the higher education and corporate sectors can be difficult. To address these issues, several approaches in corporate sector and higher education were investigated and tested. Lessons Learned Kit

#5 10 minute micro course in Soft Skills and Active Learning for companies

[Employment] If you are involved in human resources management or training, this 10 minute course will help you understand how active learning techniques can be used to support staff members in developing important soft skills. Soft Skills: Active Learning for Companies in under 10 minutes

#6 Report from the corporate sector in Poland on Soft Skills development

[Employment] Interviews with 7 large companies from Poland give an insight into the most important soft skills, training approaches and methods used and recommendations for HE teachers and students entering the job market. Corporate perspective from Poland

#7 Expert discussion blog on Soft Skills in the corporate sector: The keystone to recruitment and professional development

[Employment] How does soft skills training take place in a large company, and how can universities assist students in developing skills? Nearly fifty participants (teachers, students and company representatives) discussed these questions in a webinar. French Multiplier Event – Soft skills: the keystone to recruitment and professional development?

#8 Video series from the eLene4life Knowledge Exchange: Enhancing Soft Skills through Active Learning for education and employment

During the multiplier event in Dundee, experts were able to share their experiences in the context of active learning and soft skill development. Have a look at the corresponding video recordings. Conference Video Playlist

#9 Executive report about Active Learning and joining the Community of Practice

[Transversal] The elene4life project comes alive through the Community of Practice (COP). Learn more about the idea of the CoP in the executive report. Community of Practice Executive Report


#10 eLene4Life Declaration on Active Learning for the development of Soft Skills

[Policy] From the three years of work in the eLene4Life project, we have consolidated and articulated the principles, benefits and recommendations for Active Learning for soft skill development. eLene4Life declaration on active (online) learning for the development of soft skills

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Our Project Objective

eLene4Life supports curriculum innovation in higher education (HE) through the development of active learning approaches for transversal skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.


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