eLene4Lide pre-conference workshop announcement

ME5: Conference for the expansion of the eLene4Life CoP and presentation of the MOOC

The conference, carried out on the 28th of October 2020, was aimed at presenting the forthcoming MOOC, launched in February 2021, and the opportunity that it represents to make a new step in the innovation of university teaching approaches. Therefore the ‘setting’ we choose to illustrate these outputs of the project was the National Conference of the Italian Association for Faculty Development (Asduni), organised by the University of Genova and carried out online in three days (28th, 29th and 30th of October 2020).

The pre-conference workshop was the ideal moment to interact with teachers and instructors presenting the Dynamic Toolkit of the eLene4Life project, the results of the Pilot projects and the forthcoming discussion-based MOOC.

The partners contributing to this workshop were both by LUMSA and by METID, represented by the following speakers:

  • Maria Cinque, LUMSA
  • Irene Culcasi, LUMSA
  • Claudio Pensieri, LUMSA
  • Alessandra Tomasini, METID

The workshop was very interactive, and participants had the opportunity to get access to the state of the art with respect to active learning for the development of transversal skills, as well as corporate-university collaboration for curriculum innovation.

After an initial introduction by the host, Antonella Lotti from University of Genova, we created a first interaction with Padlet, asking participants to provide their own definitions of active learning. Then we presented the definitions of this concept in literature and connected them with soft skills, presenting the eLene4Life project.

Though Mentimeter we investigated the following questions:

  • Of the following skills that are needed in the workplace today, which do you help students develop in your classes?
  • Which methods/tools do you use to help your students develop soft skills?

We provided an overview of the results of the Transnational Analysis on Innovative Higher Education Learning Models on Soft Skills and of the Transnational Analysis of the Transferability to Higher Education of Corporate Active Learning on Soft Skills carried out in the first phase of the eLene4Life project.

After that there was a brief demo of the Dynamic Toolkit and of the results of the Pilot projects, presenting the different tools used during these experiences and the different implementations of the same method, also due to the Covid Pandemic.

The participants were split into breakout rooms to reflect and discuss on the possibility to incorporate these methods in their own teaching practices. They examined the descriptions of the toolkit and provided creative ideas for the adaptation of the methods in different scenarios.

In the final part of the event, Alessandra Tomasini from METID, presented the MOOC. The online course was described not only from the practitioner point of view, in terms of professional development for teachers, but also from a research perspective, aimed at researchers in the field of eLearning, learning innovation and soft skills development. They could see examples and scenarios to help them innovate their own teaching practice and support their students in developing the skills mostly required by the labour market.

This was an added value for the academic community, the main target audience of this event, that was invited to enrol in the MOOC and to participate in the eLene4Life Community of Practice.