On Tuesday June 15th 2021, the HR webinar AUNEGe / eLene4Life brought together nearly fifty participants (teachers, students and company representatives) to discuss the questions:
How does soft skills training take place in a large company?
How can universities better prepare students to develop so-called transversal skills such as teamwork, creativity and problem solving?

Sébastien Créno, President of BlueMega, made the link between soft skills and corporate culture. For this company, taken over in 2013 by its employees after a bankruptcy, participatory management is at the heart of this culture, and special attention is paid to maintaining the values ​​of the company when new staff are recruited.

Éloïse Sevestre, Training Manager at Air Liquide, highlighted how employees are supported in the development of their soft skills. In this large company, soft skills training represents 60% of the training plan. A concrete example is the training of first-time managers, who learn to give feedback, to be a leader as much as a manager, and to lead change.

Deborah Arnold, National and International Projects Coordinator at AUNEGe, presented the results of the Erasmus+ project eLene4Life, coordinated by AUNEGe. Deborah focused on the Dynamic Toolkit – a collection of 30 teaching methods to help higher education teachers to introduce active approaches to help students develop their soft skills and announced the adaptation of this resource in the form of a micro-course for companies which is currently being finalized. The eLene4Life Community of Practice was also highlighted as a space for continuing the cross-fertilisation conversations and activities between higher education and the corporate sector.

Thanks to this webinar, launched by Christophe Fournier, President of AUNEGe, and chaired expertly by Élodie Loubaresse, member of the AUNEGe board, the participants were able to appreciate the growing importance of these transversal skills to strengthen the links between university studies and the expectations and practices of the business world.

Additional material: presentation of the eLene4Life Dynamic Toolkit and Community of Practice.

Webinaire recording (video in French)