Warsaw Multiplier Event: online seminar about the eLene4Life project, Dynamic Toolkit and pilots

Warsaw Multiplier Event: online seminar about the eLene4Life project, Dynamic Toolkit and pilots

Organizing a project seminar (multiplier event) in Warsaw was planned for the spring of 2020. We wanted to share with representatives of other universities the results of the eLene4Life project so far, and in particular, present them the Dynamic Toolkit and ask them for their opinion. 

Unfortunately, the situation related to the pandemic made it impossible to organize a face to face meeting for several dozen people. Full of hope for an improvement in the situation after the holidays, we postponed this event to the fall.

But autumn welcomed us with a second wave of Covid-19 cases and it became clear that if we wanted to organize this event in 2020, it had to be online. So at the turn of October and November we started preparations.

We started by developing the agenda of this meeting and answering the question: why would participants want to take part in it? what can we tell them, what can actually interest them and what can they later use in their practice?

Postponing the whole event by these few months had such a plus that we were already after the pilot phase. Therefore, when developing the meeting plan, we decided to share the results of pilots in addition to the Dynamic Toolkit. So we invited a WUT teacher, who did 2 pilot courses using various methods of active learning to participate in a Multiplier Event and share her experiences.

The final agenda of the meeting was the following:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Presentation of the eLene4Life project and its Outputs.
    • Research methodology
    • Dynamic Toolkit 
    • MOOC and Community of Practice
  3. Case study – reflections from the pilots.
  4. Summary and discussion.

Once we knew what we wanted to achieve and share, we started to deal with organizational issues. As the meeting place, we chose the Webex platform, with which we already had some experience. We set the date of the meeting on December 11, prepared the registration form and started an information campaign about this event.

Banner with information about the event (in Polish)

In total, about 60 people from various institutions signed up.

2 days before the event, we made 2-3 internal test meetings on Webex to check the internet connection, navigation, presentations display, etc. On Friday, December 11, we were ready for the meeting.

The technical support of the platform was supervised by 2 people who, if necessary, helped participants to log in to the system. We know from them that a few people have reported such problems. Ultimately, 42 people participated in the event, 28 of whom were from universities, institutions and companies other than Warsaw University of Technology. Most of them were from Warsaw University and other Warsaw higher education institutions, but we also had persons from Lublin, Kielce, Poznań and also representatives from the business sector (Caterpillar, Korn Ferry, Thoriana).

The meeting went according to the planned agenda. Participants could ask questions in the chat, and in the discussion part, they were also welcome to speak.

We got very positive feedback on the project and its results. The questions mainly concerned the Dynamic Toolkit and pilots. Participants were curious if any unknown methods could be found in the Dynamic Toolkit and if the catalog of methods was closed, or if new methods would appear. They were also curious about the reaction of students to the use of these active learning methods in class and asked if it was difficult to motivate them to work with them.

Finally, we reminded everyone once again that the project MOOC will start in February 2021 and we promised to send them information as soon as the registration is open.

We consider the whole event very successful and we are happy about the positive reactions of its participants.

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