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eLene4Life supports curriculum innovation in higher education (HE) through the development of active learning approaches for transversal skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.

According to the 2018 World Economic Forum Report ‘Towards a Reskilling Revolution: A Future of Jobs for All’, the rise of artificial intelligence, robotics and other digital developments is upending the primacy of human expertise in the economy. The individuals who will succeed in the economy of the future will be those who can complement the work done by mechanical or algorithmic technologies, and ‘work with the machines’. The 2018 European Commission Proposal on Key Competences also draws attention to these disruptions affecting European societies and economies, stating that “Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, taking initiative and problem solving play an important role in coping with complexity and change in today’s society.”

In a previous Erasmus+ project, eLene4Work, the development of HE students’ (digital) soft skills was experimented through the use of MOOCs and OERs. The results showed that, while autonomous learning indeed played a significant role, real impact would only come from fully integrating these into the curriculum. The project also found a mismatch between employers’ expectations and students’ perceptions of the labour market with respect to these transversal skills.

Project goals

  • overcome skills mismatches with respect to transversal skills;
  • develop new innovative curricula and educational methods integrating active learning, at the same time addressing commonly encountered barriers such as large class sizes and physical spaces;
  • improve the relevance of HE curricula in Partner Countries in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.


eLene4Life will involve over 2500 participants from the HE and corporate sectors. Teachers will receive support in curriculum innovation and the transformation of teaching practices, with the ultimate aim of improving the learning experience of their students. 12 teachers and 1200 students will participate in piloting these approaches, and a further 500 teachers in wider professional development activities. Trainers, human resources and recruitment managers from the corporate sector will be involved throughout the project, contributing to the foresight analysis phase and participating in a cross-sectoral Community of Practice (CoP), which should itself count around 500 members by the end of the project.

Actions and outputs:

Concretely, eLeneLife will develop a series of outputs and related activities to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

  • Two parallel Foresight Analyses will gather examples of active learning approaches in HE (O1) and the corporate sector (O2).
  • These will serve as input to a Dynamic Toolkit (O3), implemented and tested in Pilot Projects (O4) in 5 countries (DE, FR, IT, PL, UK).
  • O5, a discussion-based MOOC, offers professional development opportunities to the wider community of HE teachers.
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration runs throughout the project, supported by a University-Corporate Community of Practice (O6).
  • Finally, the lessons learned during the project will be compiled into three attractive publications (O7: LLK) to support decision-making and the wider uptake of active learning for transversal skills development.

 National events will take place in all 6 partner countries to disseminate the results and involve external stakeholders in eLene4Life activities, supported by publications, an online hub and social media. The project thus takes on an ‘hourglass’ shape, with a widely-sourced body of knowledge and experience feeding in to a concise toolkit and tested in pilots before involving the wider community through the MOOC and the CoP, reaching further stakeholders through the LLK.

Expected impact

The expected outcome for HE teachers will be a heightened awareness of needs and practices in the corporate sector as well as access to human and digital resources in order to bring about curriculum innovation. Similarly, corporate representatives will gain a better understanding of HE practices, with the opportunity to engage in dialogue. Ultimately, the impact for students will be a more relevant learning experience, offering them the chance to develop contextualised transversal skills during the course of their studies and thus be better prepared for the workforce and society in general, as competent and confident 21st century citizens.

Our Project Objective

eLene4Life supports curriculum innovation in higher education (HE) through the development of active learning approaches for transversal skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.


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This project has been funded by Erasmus + programme of the European Union.

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